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A natural anti-aging treatment with hyaluronic acid

Profhilo® is an anti-aging treatment with a large quantity of pure hyaluronic acid without chemical additives. The efficiency of Profhilo® is as a result of the creation of collagen (firmness) and elastin (stretchability) that is being stimulated. The skin will regain firmness and look healthy throughout the different skin layers.

“An important advantage of Profhilo® is that Profhilo® will rejuvenate the skin without adding volume to the face. The skin will actually be restored, skin sagging is tackled and all this with a 100% natural processing of hyaluronic acid that is free of animal additives“


Which indications can you treat with Profhilo®?

The treatment is fit for treating skin sagging of the face, the neck, the cleavage, the hands and even the upper arms. The result is highly natural, the skin will be firmer with a graceful shine.

What is new about Profhilo®?

The product won the Aesthetic Awards in 2016 for the most innovative treatment as a result of the entirely new processing of hyaluronic acid with highly specific advantages. The hyaluronic acid is extremely natural which means that there is a decreased chance of side effects and it will result in a natural result.

Facts on treatments

  • Duration of treatment: 15 – 30 minutes

  • Recovery time: 1/2 day

  • First effect: after 10 days

  • Full result: na after 4 weeks will be a second treatment. Full result after 6 weeks.

  • Duration of result: 12 months


Before and After Profhilo Treatment



For more information about the treatment

In this treatment the BAP-technique is used, this entails injections in 10 anatomically assorted areas that make for an optimal result. Profhilo® spreads extremely well and thus you will only need a few injections to treat a complete face (or neck, cleavage or other indication) optimally. The treatment is quick, barely painful and the chance of side effects is as a result of the natural material small.

This treatment could be suitable for everyone from about 30 year that want to counter skin sagging. This treatment is also for men and women that desire a natural rejuvenating effect but would rather not (yet) take the step to a “real” filler. The treatment can also be combined with a filler or Botox treatment or as an addition to a different treatment.

You will need approximately 2 treatments with an interval of a month depending on the degree of skin rejuvenation. Because the skin will be put to work as a result of this treatment, you don’t see result immediately. You will often notice the skin being more hydrated. From 6-8 weeks after the first treatment the positive effect will become clearer, this will be due to the creation of collagen and elastin needing time.

It depends on the condition of the skin how long these improvements will be visible. It is advised to have loose treatments once or twice a year in order to maintain the result because, the aging process will continue.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the skin. When this substance is injected, it is extremely well tolerated by the skin. The possible side effects of a treatment with Profhilo® are mild swelling, redness and sometimes a couple blue spots. These are more likely to be caused by the injection rather than the product itself and will vanish soon.

Profhilo® has been on the market since 2015 and has been used ever since on a worldwide scale. There have not been any reports of other side effects than the ones mentioned above which is due to the fact that the product contains a highly pure form of hyaluronic acid.