Anissa (48) has had a peeling treatment at Cosmetic Center Curaçao of the brand VI Derm. She tells us her experience about the procedure, treatment and of course the end result!

I’am a very active person, always busy around the house, days at the beach with my children, as long as I am outside and busy. Sitting still is not in my dictionary. Through the years I have been continuously exposed to the sun that shines every day here on Curaçao. Because I am outside a lot and started using skin care products later in life, it is now starting to show in my face. A friend once advised me to use peeling. I’m actually a bit skeptical about it. You regularly hear stories about peelings that are poorly executed and therefore not ending with a nice result. But my friend assured me that if I kept to the instructions, my skin would be greatly improved.

The peeling she advised me about is from the brand VIDerm, a soft peeling that stays on the skin without irritating it. On Curaçao, peeling is performed by cosmetic specialists at Cosmetic Center Curaçao. They are known for offering high-level cosmetic care. This gave me a safe feeling and after a pleasant intake and skin analysis by a doctor, I decided that I definitely wanted to try it! The cosmetic center is located in a beautiful authentic country house. The treatment room had a comfortable chair in which I took my place. The specialist who treated me talked through the procedure with me again. Then my skin was thoroughly cleaned with a lotion, so that my skin was completely free of grease. Then the peeling was applied with a gauze. Although the peeling gave a slight sensation on my skin, I felt very relaxed and the surroundings were very familiar. The treatment lasted about 45 minutes and then my face was a bit red. Soon there was a nice, healthy glow over my skin. The next day at work, I got a lot of compliments from all my colleagues about how radiant I looked. Awesome! I knew that I had to stay out of the sun for a few days, a difficult task for a busy type like me! But the specialists insisted that this is very necessary to achieve the desired result. During these mandatory “rest” days the skin in my face renewed itself and you gradually saw that my skin was really refreshed.

We are now a week later and the result is brilliant. Many of my fine lines have disappeared, my skin feels soft and I am happy again when I look in the mirror. I feel confident again and beam all day. Oh, and all my colleagues now also want to try this VIDerm.

I can heartily recommend it!

Laatste Nieuws

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