Robynn Richie (26)

My growing acne was an immense frustration for me

In 2013 I was on the plane from the Netherlands to Curaçao. I was born and bred on Curaçao, but at the time I lived in the Netherlands studying to become a beautician and I was on my way to Curacao to work at a beauty salon on the island. On the plane, I felt a pimple rise. That was the beginning of a big drama with my skin. In the beginning I still thought positively. I thought the sea water and sun would do me good, but literally, the acne crept from my chin up to my cheeks and forehead. To make matters worse, I was refused entry to my internship because of my skin. They found I could not be a representative for the salon, and I had to get my skin acne-free before I was welcome.

To make matters worse, I was refused entry to my internship because of my skin

In that time I tried everything, including a really strong drug called Roaccutane. It came with terrible side effects such as depression and infertility. The drug worked; everything came out after a few months. I had huge inflammations on my face, but I knew they would eventually go away, and happily, they disappeared. I still suffer from side effects, such as hair loss and allergies. Unfortunately, the acne came back anyway. 2016 was a year of enormous stress for me. The acne became worse and as time went on I only got more desperate. The year before I had to meet  Dr. Sahoury and he told me about his new clinicCosmetic Center Curaçao. He invited me to come by so that he could better examine my acne. I then had nice talks with him, and I was treated with the LED mask. The blue light soothed my skin enormously, and the whole environment had a substantial relaxing effect on my mind.  However, the LED mask did not offer a structural solution for my stubborn acne.

A relaxed experience in a beautiful and relaxed environment

On the 31st May 2018, I received my first VI Peel treatment and from then on, things went a lot better. I found the procedure itself exciting. The peeling, when applied, brought a slight burning sensationand afterwards, you must be careful with exposure to the sun. You have to let the product do its job, and you can not touch your skin. I also adjusted my work schedule during the week following the peeling. When the sun was up, I worked inside with air conditioning. In addition to the peelings, I also paid strict attention to my diet. I am a true dairy lover, but unfortunately, I have to leave yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and chocolate. Dairy products nourish acne and have a significant influence on how my skin reacts.

Let the VI Peel do its job, watch your food, and be honest with yourself and the doctors

At the time I also had many conversations with Marika Sahoury, the director of the clinic. I found out during these interviews that acne can also be the result of emotional pain coming out. Since then, I have done EMDR sessions with a psychologist, and this has also helped me tremendously. After two treatments with VI Peel Purify, the use of VI Derm products, the Complete Care and the VI Cleanser and the all-round guidance from Cosmetic Center Curaçao, I am now virtually acne-free. It feels great when people say that I look great. I now have my salon. Many clients have experienced my change process up close and are amazed by the results. A lot has changed in my life in a short space of time, and I am very grateful for the help I have received.

My experience with Cosmetic Center Curaçao in one word: Perfect!

The clinic is clean and tidy and is very modern. The people who work there are extremely professional and service oriented. What is of special importance is that you are honest with the doctors about your lifestyle and your diet. Only when they have a complete picture can they help you to tackle the acne structurally.

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