To carry out your medical speciality, there is a possibility to rent our operating room for either part of a day or one or more days a month. The operating room of Cosmetic Center Curacao is class 1 and is equipped with surgical lamps, suction equipment and anesthesia supplies. It is also a possibility to make use of the recovery, including five beds and medicinal gasses.

When renting our operating room you can organize your practice flexibly, without the need for a large investment, or for when your own complex does not have sufficient capacity. Cosmetic Center Curaçao meets all legal demands and has, on location, all current medical instruments and equipment.We also offer the possibility to hire extra services, such as instrument sterilization, medication and anesthesia.

Operating room class 1 and performance level 1

In the operating complex of Cosmetic Center Curaçao, all surgical and invasive procedures can be performed. As a result of the operating room being a class 1 and performance level 1, the treatment room meets the most strict guidelines in accordance with the WIP and VCCN in the field of air treatment. The space is organized in 3 clean zones and has a separate sterile preparation area.

The operating room meets all the international legislations and regulations, which means that we can offer clients all of the responsible and professional care. The important and standard equipment that you need is present. This includes supplies for anesthesia, equipment for diathermy and liposuction, a suction device and operating lights. If you are in need of more instruments or medication, these extra services can be discussed.

Possible extra services when renting the operating room:

  • Recovery

  • Disposables en custom pack.

  • Sterilization of the instruments

  • Anesthesia

  • Medication

  • Medical staff for operating room and nursing ward