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The labia can be too large or asymmetrical by nature. They can also stretch due to aging or pregnancies. Apart from the fact that you may not find this aesthetically pleasing, it can also be difficult for daily activities such as cycling, horse riding or making love. With a labia correction we can provide smaller labia and labia that have a nice symmetry. The procedure is relatively simple and can be performed under local anesthesia. Usually you can go home immediately afterwards. In general, the healing is good and the scars are barely visible.

During the first consultation we will discuss your complaints and wishes and the surgeon will assess your labia. Based on this, the surgeon can give you a good indication of the possibilities and you can be sure of a realistic expectation.

Smaller labia with a nice symmetry

The labia minora can by nature be too large and/or asymmetric. As a result of aging and in particular pregnancies the labia can stretch. Discomfort can develop during daily activities such as cycling, horse riding or intercourse. It can also be for completely cosmetic reasons that a correction is desired. Labia minora corrections have increased tremendously in popularity over the last couple of years due to increased familiarity of the procedure and the good results with the present techniques. Excess tissue of the labia can be present on the sides and on the clitoral hood.

Facts on Treatment

  • Anesthesia: Local anesthetics / general anesthesia

  • Operating time: 30-50 minutes

  • Recovery time: 7 – 14 days


More information about the treatment

During your first consultation your requirements and requests will be noted and the labia minora will be assessed. The options for correction in your case will be discussed. It is important that you have realistic expectations and that you request a correction because you want it and not someone else.

The procedure is relatively simple and can be performed under local anesthetic, but if requested a general anesthetic can be given. The skin that needs to be removed is accurately measured and marked to create as much symmetry as possible.

Also, under general anesthetic a local anesthetic will be given so after the procedure you will be pain free for several hours. Many small dissolvable stitches will be used that need not be removed. The procedure takes about an hour.

After the procedure, the wounds can be covered with sanitary pads. If the operation was done under local anesthetic you can go home straight away. If the procedure was completed under a general anesthetic you may go home with assistance after you are sufficiently awake. After the procedure, especially the first 24 hours, the labia can be swollen and sensitive. There may also be some blood loss. If the blood loss continues you can sit on a small pillow or a rolled-up towel for 10 minutes.

The bleeding will stop on its own and the swelling will subside after one week but ice packs 3 times a day for 20 minutes in the first few days may reduce the swelling.

The wounds should be cleaned only with water, then dried and covered with a sanitary pad. Strenuous activity and intense sports should be avoided for 4 weeks and thereafter careful sexual intercourse can commence.

In general, the labia minora heals well and the scars will be hardly visible. Even if the procedure is performed with great care by an experienced plastic surgeon, there will be no guarantee for perfect symmetry as an end result.

Complications after a labia reduction are infrequent. There is always a small possibility of complications such as an infection, bleeding or problems with the wound healing. You can avoid these problems by following the instructions of the plastic surgeon carefully.


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