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The effect of gynecomastia, or breast formation can be reversed!

As a man you can have female breast development. This is also called gynecomastia. In addition to feelings of shame, gynecomastia can also cause pain. There are several causes for breast formation in men including obesity and side effects of medication.

Changes in hormone production or metabolism can also cause breast development.

Breasts can also occur in boys during puberty but after 2 years this usually disappears by itself. If this is not the case, then a surgical correction is necessary.


The goal is to create a male breast with as few scars as possible. The operation is usually performed under full anesthesia and you can go home the same day.

During the first consultation, the surgeon will check how much breast formation you have. Together we discuss how we can help you best. An ultrasound, mammogram and blood tests may be taken to determine the cause of breast formation. Which treatment method is most suitable for you depends on the size of the breasts, the position of the nipples and the quality of the skin. All techniques and the expected results will be discussed with you in detail.

Facts on Treatment

  • Anesthesia: Local or general anesthetics

  • Operating time: 60 – 120  minutes

  • Recoverytime: 7 – 14 days