Oxygen permeable foundations & moisturizers based on Aloë Vera

My mother used to have her own beauty salon. When I was a girl of only eleven years old, I always peeked with curiosity. I thought it was all wonderful! I tried to apply make-up and learned playfully what you can do with it. Here lies the basis for my passion for skin care and make-up. When I was twenty, I started working for the Estee Lauder group in London.

Here I was developed further in the field of aesthetic care. I have been using Foundation for years to cover up irregularities in my face. I have tried at least 100 different brands of foundation without exaggerating. With all foundations I had the feeling that my skin was clogged up the entire day. That is why I was so very happy when Marika Sahoury recommended Oxygenetix Foundation.

This foundation really breathes and just feels like a second skin, it does not clog your pores or cause extra pimples, inflammation or irregularities that only get worse with time. The foundation does not run out and stays well on the skin. No other foundation for me. Oxygenetix is ​​just great!

Bo Osewoudt

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