Sanne Buzon, our supervising pharmacist

I am one of the many links to make your treatment as pleasant as possible

My name is Sanne Buzon and I am the supervising pharmacist at Cosmetic Center Curacao. After nearly 10 years of experience on Curacao, I am delighted to be able to add to this skillful group of colleagues who, like me, want to provide quality care at a top level in Curacao.

As a pharmacist I assist with stock management. We are fully up-to-date with all developments in the cosmetic field and carefully select the products that we apply in our treatments. Many of our products are from abroad, under the supervision of the Curacao medicines inspection. We, of course, work with the ‘first in, first out principle’ so that all medicines remain within the recommended period of use.

Our physicians always carry out an extensive intake interview. It is crucial to indicate here which medicines you use, so that we can inspect whether there will be any interactions with the medication used during your procedure.

At Cosmetic Center Curacao we work with a quality manual where all processes and documents are established. I help to evaluate and add to the processes regarding medication. This is, among others, patient information for the aftercare of your procedure.

We strive to provide as high quality service and privacy to our customers as possible and, if possible, provide the resources necessary: before, during and after the treatment. This ensures customers do not have to go to the pharmacy themselves to pick up their products.

To conclude, I am one of the many links to make your treatment as pleasant as possible and who contributes to ensure that the Cosmetic Center meets all requirements for a first class medical center here on Curacao.

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