Several times a year Dr. de Jong conducts facial corrections at the Cosmetic Center Curaçao as a consultant. He does so in collaboration with the local ENT doctors and in particular with Dr. Lysandra Berenos Riley. Thanks to this collaboration, the patient is guaranteed of an optimal before and aftercare.


After being trained as an ENT specialist in Utrecht, Dr. de Jong worked for six months with Professor Claus Walter in Düsseldorf. Here he specialized further in the plastic surgery of the face. Dr. de Jong has also specialized in diving medicine and was sent to Kenya in 2004 to perform ENTs for African Doctors in children.


For more than 36 years dr. De Jong has been performing facial surgery as an ENT doctor. This includes nose corrections, facelifts, ear corrections, eyelid corrections and liposuction of the chin. In nose corrections, he is fervently in favor of appling the closed technique. In this way, he ensures that the patient does not have any scars from the operation. Also, the recovery time after the procedure is considerably shorter than in the open-approach operation.


As a registered specialist Dr. de Jong is competent to perform facial surgery. He is also a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Annually he attends various congresses, seminars and workshops related to facial surgery. He is also a member of the working group for facial surgery of the ENT Association in the Netherlands.