Dr. Pascal Sahoury MD-PhD Anesthetist is the medical director of Cosmetic Center Curaçao. As medical director and specialist, he is responsible for the medical policies of the clinic. Dr. Sahoury is known as a progressive doctor with a passion for his profession. Personal attention and patient needs are central to the daily performance of his profession.


Dr. Sahoury began his education in 1971 at the University of Rome (Italy) at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. After graduating, he opted for the anesthesiology specialization at VU University in Amsterdam and became a European certified anesthetist in 1984.


In 1980, during his anesthesia training, Dr. Sahoury co-founded the first specialized pain management team in the VU. He laid the foundations for the first pain clinics in the Netherlands and was closely involved in the establishment and management of these clinics, including the pain clinic at Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam.

During this period, Dr. Sahoury also developed an effective method for the treatment of acne and scars. Crystal dermabrasion treatment was known at the time as the Sahoury method. In addition to this, he has been closely involved with the development of equipment for crystal dermabrasion and the accompanying complete skincare line.

Due to the rapidly increasing need for knowledge and services in the field of pain management, Dr. Sahoury established the Dr. Pascal Sahoury Pain Clinic in Curaçao, and it opened in 2000.


In Europe, Dr. Sahoury registered as an anesthetist under the BIG registration system in the Netherlands. In order to maintain the validity of these registrations, frequent seminars, workshops and medical conferences must be attended to keep ahead of the latest medical developments. He is affiliated with both the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the ‘Dutch Society for Anaesthesiology’ (NVA).