Improve your skin with Profhilo

A safe skin improving treatment

Improve your skin with Profhilo
Profhilo is an absolutely different treatment than we are already familiar with. It is not a filler or botox, it is a product that stimulates the skin from the inside out. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid leaves the skin intensely hydrated and can prevent skin slackening. No chemical compounds have been added, therefore we can speak of ultrapure hyaluronic acid. This minimizes the risk of allergic reactions, making is a safe treatment. Profhilo is a skin enhancing product. When you notice that your skin is getting more saggy or you are experiencing hollowing of the cheeks, Profhilo can be the solution.

What is the difference between Profhilo and fillers?
A difference between Profhilo and fillers is that a filler gives local volume to the face. With fillers you bring more balance to the faced or accentuate certain points more. Profhilo ensures the improving of your skin and does not necessarily give volume.

For who is Profhilo suitable?
Profhilo is suitable for both men and women from the age of 30 where the skin begins to show signs of aging. This could for example be slacking of the skin, fine lines, so if you desire that your skin looks younger and fresher again, then Profhilo is absolutely recommended.

How does the treatment work?
The doctor will put small injections with Profhilo in numerous places on the face. Underneath the skin the liquid spreads very easily so that the entire face is treated with just a few injections. The injections don’t go very deep, this assures that you don’t get large bruises. You will be able to detect where the needle has entered the skin, however, this will not be visible for longer than a few hours.

When will you see results
You have to be patient before you can detect the effect of the Profhilo treatment. It varies per person but in general we recommend 2 to 3 treatments at 4 week intervals. After that, it is advised to do one treatment every six months to maintain the effect.

Do you want to know more about the Profhilo treatment that we offer and whether this treatment is suitable for your skin, please contact us!

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