The luxury of a private clinic, the professional care of a hospital

At CIC Aesthetic you will experience the luxury and convenience of a private clinic combined with the professional care of a hospital. We offer high-quality cosmetic care, considering your overall well-being is our central aim.

You are guaranteed a wellness experience at an international level for which you no longer have to go abroad!


About us

The luxury of a private clinic, the responsible care of a hospital. We offer high-quality cosmetic care, where the well-being of our patients is top priority. You are assured of a wellness experience of international standards without having to travel abroad.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

Quality of care is the first priority at CIC Aesthetic. All our consultations and treatments are performed by experienced doctors and medical specialists, ensuring you of safe and high-quality care. The policy of CIC Aesthetic is aimed at providing 24-hour quality care, and all our care is patient-oriented and tailored to meet real needs.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

Your privacy is guaranteed with us. All of our staff sign a confidentiality agreement. You are therefore assured that we treat and guarantee your data with the utmost discretion. Only you and your treatment specialists are entitled to view your medical file.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

Cosmetic treatment is different for everyone, and you will be extensively informed by the doctor about the possible risks and side effects of the treatment. The recovery procedure and the type of care that you will require are also extensively discussed. Before the treatment begins, you will sign a treatment agreement that is discussed with you in detail, but essentially, the doctor is responsible for your medical well-being at all times.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

Thanks to the 24-hour care we offer, our clinic has excellent hospitalization facilities. In some cases, it is necessary that you stay overnight after the procedure in our hospital facility, where we provide day and night care based upon your needs.

As soon as the doctor feels that you are ready to go home, you will be discharged from the hospitalization facility. Patient safety is our first priority; therefore, this means that when you go home we are always at your service for questions about your treatment and recovery period.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

We also provide special aftercare instructions following the procedure, about when you go home. Home care is important in your recovery process; therefore, we pay much attention to informing and monitoring. Our medical team is always on standby and can be reached 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

The operating room of our clinic meets all International standards and regulations. We have the latest equipment from European manufactures. In this sterile environment, the best surgeons work together with certified nursing staff. We have a first-class operating room and recovery room with surveillance equipment.

All our treatment facilities, materials, and resources comply with all strict International norms and regulations and we are strictly controlled by the public health inspectorate. Furthermore, we also use internal inspections, to guarantee that we meet all the high standards of safety and hygiene; you are guaranteed optimum, qualitatively responsible cosmetic care!

During the first consultation, you will be informed extensively by our doctors and medical specialists about our method, the treatment you want to undergo and the expected results. We listen extensively to your wishes and upon this basis, we draw up a treatment plan together with you. The first consultation is free of charge and you will know immediately where you stand.

If you have had an unpleasant experience at our clinic, naturally, we would like to hear. We do everything in our power to keep our quality of care optimal and patient satisfaction is our priority. We have an official complaints procedure that you can use should you wish to report an irregularity.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

Curaçao is een zeer aantrekkelijke behandellocatie voor patiënten vanuit het buitenland. Wij bieden een uitstekende prijs/kwaliteit verhouding en u kunt uw herstelperiode direct koppelen aan een Caribische vakantie! Vanuit heel de wereld kunnen patiënten bij ons terecht voor een next-day-surgery programma: consult en operatie op aansluitende dagen.

Cosmetic Center Curacao

CIC Aesthetic is located in a beautiful country house, centrally located on the island. The neo-classical appearance combined with modern design ensures that you immediately feel at home in this special place. The beautiful location and quiet surroundings will help you feel comfortable in this safe environment.

CIC Aesthetic

Cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons who care about your needs and wishes

All our treatments are performed by highly qualified, cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons who take your every wish into account. At CIC Aesthetic our clients are central, and we only act according to your needs. You are guaranteed cosmetic care at a distinguished level.

  • Highly qualified doctors, surgeons, and dentists

  • Competent nursing staff

  • Treatments according to the latest techniques

  • Modern infrastructure

  • Good location and accessibility

  • Operating rooms to international standards

  • Beds for day and night admission

  • 24-hour care, 365 days a year