Review: AQ active and AQ eye serum

“My skin looks tighter, younger and more even!”

A couple weeks ago me and my husband have started using the AQ active serum and the AQ eye serum. We purchase all our skincare products at Cosmetic Center Curaçao and have been doing this since the opening of the clinic. We purchase all our skincare products at the clinic because we want quality advice about the different products based on our own unique skin. The products are not necessarily more expensive than the finer skincare products at the reputable stores, therefore, I only see reasons to use the products from the clinic.

So, since a few weeks we have been trying out the AQ serum. I had heard several success stories from other users. The patented growth factors are said to ensure cell renewal and thus contribute to a more beautiful and tighter skin. I have been considering botox and therefore I wanted to try this serum first. I have a good skin structure of myself so the questions rests; what can I improve about it? I can tell you, a lot!

The first time I noticed significant difference in my skin was when people close to me started complementing me. This would be compliments in the line of “your skin looks good”. For myself I especially noticed that my skin became as soft as a baby bum. For me this was validation: keep on applying the product! A week later I noticed that my skin, without having been in the sun, developed a beautiful glow. The skin around my eyes also completely recovered and the fine lines around my eyes and nose are becoming less and less deep. My skin looks tighter, younger and more even!

In a nutshell, what an amazing serum. Besides the good results, it spreads wonderfully on skin and the serum is absorbed almost immediately by the skin. The AQ serum is absolutely here to stay. And the botox… I will postpone that for a while!

– Name known at the clinic

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