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No Needle Skinbooster.

Do you suffer from dull, limp and tired looking skin? Have signs of skin aging and are looking for a treatment that is effective but with a minimal recovery time for the skin? PRX-T33 No Needle Booster is a new, revolutionary skin booster that combines an effective composition of active ingredients.

This unique formula works differently to the known peels or skin boosters and has a minimal recovery time, so you can immediately continue with your daily activities.



A treatment with PRX-T33 ensures that your skin texture improves, the skin becomes firmer and fine lines and wrinkles fade. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and conditions. Our medical specialist will apply the PRX-T33 serum to your skin and massage it. During the treatment, your skin may feel irritated and afterwards, may also be a bit red, however this will disappear during the day. A few days later your skin may start to peel slightly.


PRX-T33 works differently from other skin boosters or chemical peels. The unique combination of active ingredients gives the skin an intense and painless boost. Growth factors in your skin are stimulated to make collagen, and cell renewal is activated. Treatment with PXR-T33 is safe, effective and gives quick results. This treatment renews your skin from the inside out, without your skin being damaged or needing recovery time.


After the treatment, due to the minimal recovery time, you can simply carry on with your daily life, including: going outside, exercising and applying good quality make up. Of course, we advise you to use a good sun protective cream, such as VI Derm SPF 50. For foundation we recommend Oxygenetics foundation. This formula is opaque, contains active ingredients for your skin and does not clog the pores.


During an initial consultation with the medical specialist, we analyze your skin and discuss your wishes. Based on this, we check whether PRX-T33 is the ideal treatment for you and we draw up a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Facts on treatment

  • Duration of treatment: 20 minutes

  • Recoverytime: no down-time

  • First effect: immediately noticeable

  • Full result: after 4 treatments 

  • Duration of result: 7-9 months


Before and After PRX-T33 Treatment

With this treatment, the quality of your skin is improved, becoming tighter and fine lines and wrinkles decrease. For optimal results, it is important that the treatment is repeated 3 to 5 times, with 1 to 2 weeks between each treatment.



Overview of the cost at Cosmetic Center Curaçao

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One single treatment: from 150.-