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Is a safe and effective way to remove small skin imperfections.

If you are bothered by red veins, pigmentation spots, stalks or other skin imperfections, coagulation therapy can offer the solution. Coagulation therapy is the latest and safest technology used in the medical and cosmetic world. The imperfections on the skin and benign skin bumps are removed accurately without damaging the surrounding skin.


We are happy to help you with a customized treatment!

With coagulation therapy, the affected area is touched with electrical heat. The spot shrivels, and a crust appears on the skin immediately. The treated spot disappears when the crust falls off. Mostly one treatment is needed to get rid of the unevenness.


Coagulation therapy is a fast and safe treatment, lasting about 15 minutes and is almost painless. Because the surrounding skin is not affected, no scars, blisters or bleeding will occur. The treatment focuses on the unevenness of the skin and is done with the utmost precision.


Due to the immediate effect of the treatment, one treatment is often enough to achieve the desired result. Results are always dependent on each person and various other factors.

It is important that you follow the aftercare instructions after the treatment is complete. After treatment your skin is vulnerable and may be red and swollen, and often it can take up to four days to disappear. The treated spot forms a crust immediately after the treatment. Once this crust falls off, the unevenness of the skin also disappears.

During an initial consultation with a medical specialist, we look at the unevenness you want to treat. Based on your wishes and the possibilities we have, we draw up a treatment plan for you.